We like to keep things simple, so here is an outline of our Terms and Conditions, both for those applying, and those using FitSafe as a quality mark


  • Payment is based on time related to the application (and its complexity).   Refunds are not issued where the application is not successful.
  • Refunds are only issued if an application is rejected before being reviewed, or if withdrawn by the applicant before the review has started (in both cases this will be done in writing)
  • Costs related to applications may vary (again depending on the complexity of the application).  Where the costs are likely to exceed the guidelines given on the application page, the applicant will be contacted, and this discussed prior to any additional costs being incurred by the applicant

Those using FitSafe as a quality mark

It’s important to note that in reviewing FitSafe applications, every effort is made to ensure a robust and through audit process is undertaken.  However, no check or audit can guaranty the safety, so our disclaimed below applies

Disclaimer: In awarding this certificate, QualWorx and Exercise New Zealand has carried out a point in time audit of the safety systems against the required criteria.  There is NO GUARANTEE that the operator will operate safely.  QualWorx and Exercise New Zealand accepts no responsibility for the operators implementation of their safety management systems with its clients.