If you a provider of exercise to the public and would like to apply to become FitSafe certified, please use the application form below

Note: This web site is in development as of December 2017.  More information will be update in the new year. In the meantime, you are welcome to contact:

  • ExerciseNZ on 0800 66 88 11 or
  • Jason from QualWorx P (04) 382 8517   – jason@qualworx.nz

To apply, please visit > Application Form and also review our Terms and Conditions


Key info

The cost per application varies depending on size of the entire being reviewed, and how well prepared the entity is, and the fees below are designed as an indication only.

For individuals the cost is around $200, and for small facilities around $600.   Larger facilities can be undertaken as a group, and would range from around $125 per site where the same Safety Management plan is used at each facility, through approx to $400/site where different SMSs are used.  Click on the image to the right for more detailed examples.


  • For groups of businesses, these can be reviewed together, and not all facilities need to be reviewed for the entire group to be certified.
  • Final costs will be discussed to you before any charges are incurred.

Application process overview

Coming in 2018: An explainer video that shows how the process works.  In the meantime, feel free to give us a call (details above)

Want more info?

Feel free to contact us (ExerciseNZ) on 0800 66 88 11 or email jason@qualworx.nz.  We also have a FAQs page that lists common questions and answers up and running in 2018.